Top Medications

Sildenafil Citrate
$0.34 per pill
$1.00 per pill
Viagra Super Active
Sildenafil Citrate
$1.35 per pill
Generic Levitra
$0.94 per pill
Viagra Professional
Sildenafil Citrate
$1.15 per pill
Sildenafil Citrate
$1.42 per pill
Viagra Jelly
Sildenafil Citrate
$3.25 per pill
Ventolin Inhaler
$25.00 per inhaler
Advair Diskus
$93.66 per inhaler
$0.55 per pill
Drospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol
$42.55 per pill
Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol
$1.05 per pill

United Pharmacy: #1 Online Pharmacy with Top Meds

United Healthcare Pharmacy is a large online store. Our pharmacy is working online only. Our pharmacy has been operating for more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical market. We do our best to keep up to date and offer you the most convenient, affordable and most efficient Internet service for ordering medications and other health-related products. Delivery is carried out internationally.United Pharmacy_ #1 Online Pharmacy with Top Meds

Ordering procedure

Find prescribed drugs and add them to the shopping cart

If you choose a medicine known to you, enter its name in the search bar at the top and click the “Add to the shopping cart” button. The necessary drug can be found in the online catalog. It is an option for a convenient and quick search. The drug will be found if it is available in the pharmacy, and you will immediately see its dosage and rate. When you click the “Add to shopping cart” button, the drug will be automatically saved for further order formation.

Placing an order

If you have already selected everything you need, go to the next step “Checkout”. The shopping cart will contain the list of selected funds, their prices and the total cost of the order, adjust the required amount and proceed to fill in the necessary personal data to submit an order.


There is only one option for order paying for its further delivery. We offer our customers an option to pay for an order with the help of credit cards and eChecks.

A wide range

  • Medicines. On our website, there is a wide range of different medications of Indian manufacturing. We carefully monitor product updates and regularly replenish the online catalog.
  • Products for women’s health. This category contains products for birth control, pregnancy tests, treatment of different gynecological problems.
  • Hygiene products. These include products for daily life.
  • Biologically active additives (BAA). To maintain physical health, for the balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it is necessary to follow the correct fluid and nutrition regimen. With a lack of a balanced diet, you can make up for missing items with dietary supplements.

Prices in United Discount Pharmacy: cheap pharmacy and excellent services

Many customers choose United Pharmacy because we offer cheaper drugs compared to other drugstores. Prices in our online pharmacy are much lower than in other pharmacies. It is low prices and a huge selection of goods that attract more and more new customers every day.

Our staff always informs its customers about current discounts and promotions. Promotions and discounts help not only take care of the health of the whole family but also save the family budget.


  • Quality. United Pharmacy works only with trusted suppliers, which are an example of reliability and quality. We take a responsible approach to work, therefore, we comply with all storage standards and temperature conditions for drugs. We follow their terms and deliver only high-quality goods.
  • Price. In our pharmacy, the prices are reasonable, with a minimum margin. You can pay for the goods using different credit cards.
  • Service. Orders are taken daily round the clock, on the website. Delivery is carried out by courier right to the specified address.
  • Range. On our website, you can buy medications, products for women’s health, hygiene products, biologically active additives (BAA), medical equipment.
  • Convenience. Our website has very convenient navigation. There are many options by which you can quickly find the necessary product in the online catalog.

Can I choose the right medicine without a visit to the doctor?

There are indications and contraindications for taking any medication. In addition, each medication has side effects. The customer may not know about this, and many do not read the annotation for medications. That is why a physical examination of both an adult and a child is strongly recommended before taking any drug.

The patient himself may mistake his disease for another, or not find the symptoms of another more severe disease. Timely medical examination avoids such mistakes in the choice of drugs. After examination and diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment for the patient.

If need to buy some over-the-counter drugs, you are welcome to surf our website. Even if you address a physician, you may easily make an order for meds prescribed by your doctor.

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