What Reduces Men’s Potency?

What affects the sexual health of a man? It is influenced by both physical and psychological factors. Various diseases of the internal organs (liver, heart, stomach, etc.) can often reduce potency, and especially in combination with stress, depression, and overload.

What factors affect potency?

Endocrine cause

Endocrine disorders are a violation of the production of sex hormones in the pituitary gland or testicles due to genetic disruption, tumors, traumas, and systemic diseases, which decrease the level of testosterone – the main hormone responsible for erection and sexual excitement. The diagnosis of this disease is done by the endocrinologist. As a rule, hormonal drugs help eliminate the causes of endocrine disorders. Your potency will quickly recover.

Drugs that cause erectile dysfunction

There are certain drugs that reduce potency and cause a sexual disturbance. These include hormonal drugs – female hormones that are used in the treatment of oncology. In this case, reduced potency is a consequence of the struggle for life. Any remedies that cause brain oppression (drugs, alcohol, antidepressants) will have a negative effect on sexual function.

You will be surprised, but even the pills we use on a daily basis can cause erectile dysfunction (diuretics, drugs that lower acidity). Therefore, in order to avoid the consequences and adverse reactions from drugs that reduce potency, read the instructions carefully before taking them, and consult a doctor. He will evaluate the ratio of the “risk-benefit” of this drug and will prescribe its analog that does not affect the sexual function.Best-Tips-to-Improve-Potency

Neurological erectile dysfunction

Neurological disorders, brain diseases, and spinal cord diseases also decrease potency. These include:

  • epilepsy;
  • disruption of cerebral circulation;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • autoimmune and systemic diseases;
  • various traumas of the pelvis and perineum and surgeries in these areas.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of modern medicine in neurology are quite limited and quite often the only way to eliminate negative effects is the prosthetic of the penis.

Psychological erectile dysfunction

At a young age, psychological problems can become the basis for problems in the sexual sphere. Erectile dysfunction in young men develops against a background of depression, neurosis, chronic fatigue, prolonged stress, a general feeling of well-being, dissatisfaction with a partner.

Also, potency decreases due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy or the fear of sexually transmitted diseases.

There is another type of psychological erectile dysfunction – selective erectile dysfunction – the impossibility of sexual intercourse with a definite partner with obvious success with others. Potency may also decrease at the first sex because of fear of failure and general excitement. In the future, everything goes smoothly.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction

Local causes (injections, injuries, and foreign substances) will result in the replacement of the functional tissue of the connective tissue (sclerosis). The absence of good vessels will not allow the blood flow to the penis, which will lead to erectile dysfunction. Artificially tightened intercourse can also lead to sclerosis of vascular plexuses when a man delays ejaculation with all possible methods.

The process of replacing the functional tissue with the connective one is irreversible, and the outlook for the future is disappointing.

In a quarter of cases, the cause for erectile dysfunction is vascular causes, which can be divided into two categories:

  1. violated blood flow in the arteries;
  2. increased venous outflow.

There are also some factors not allowing to finish, and sometimes even to begin sexual intercourse:

  • atherosclerosis of the aorta (narrowing of the lumen and cholesterol deposition on the walls);
  • endarteritis (inflammation of the intrathecal vessels of smokers);
  • varicose veins;
  • trauma in the area of the pelvis and the perineum.

Potency can be decreased due to violated blood circulation in the vessels of the penis, due to smoking and taking some drugs.

The general decrease in immunity and tone of the penis can be caused by chronic pelvic infections. Diseases in the sexual sphere lead to neuroses and depression and affect erectile function, but complex erectile dysfunction treatment will completely restore potency.

Fortunately, men rarely have surgical treatment of anatomical changes in the penis, which can also be a cause of decreased potency. For example, Peyron’s disease, or the wrong placement of the urethra opening, etc.

How to improve potency?

The main thing is to reveal the problem in time. Most men suffer from erectile problems from time to time, but only 10% of them are not afraid to go to a doctor because this is a very delicate problem. However, there are anonymous counseling, websites and thematic forums where you can find out all the necessary information and get advice.

Remember, there is nothing insoluble and fatal in such a problem. As practice shows, most often the reasons for erectile dysfunction are functional. A healthy lifestyle, lack of stress and positive emotions will help restore sexual power in the shortest time.

Effective remedies for erectile dysfunction are aphrodisiacs, enriched with minerals and amino acids, increasing desire and blood flow to the genital organs. For men, novelty and harmony in sexual relationships are very important. Therefore, sometimes it is recommended to diversify your intimate life, change partner if you do not like something in a relationship. Attempts to change something in life can lead to a great result.

Impact on the causes of erectile dysfunction will prevent the development of impotence. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat regularly and properly, do sports, visit doctors and monitor your health. Give up bad habits and uncontrolled intake of medications, have a regular sexual life with a constant partner. Do not forget to consult a urologist if you have a trauma, or you are hypertensive or suffering from erectile dysfunction and diabetes mellitus.

Foods that cause erectile dysfunction

United Pharmacy has figured out what foods are bad for male potency.

Enemy No. 1 – alcohol

The most serious enemy of good potency is alcohol, even its smallest doses contained in low-alcohol beverages or beer. The main reason for this phenomenon is that “alcohol kills testicles”, and then they can not restore their functions. Planar poisoning of the whole organism, including the genital system, low-quality ethyl alcohol, and toxic substances can reduce the ability of men to full-fledged sexual life to zero.

Enemy No. 2 – cholesterol

When it comes to animal products, it is important to note here that cholesterol is the main enemy of the male sexual system, and especially in a mature age. It not only provokes various cardiovascular diseases but also blocks blood circulation in the genitourinary system. In this regard, it is necessary to control the content of cholesterol in the blood and not to abuse fatty foods, such as meat. However, it is not necessary to exclude cholesterol from your diet, since it contains components that form testosterone. It is important to limit it.

Enemy No. 3 – salt

A mandatory element of daily nutrition is salt. It is impossible to completely remove salt from a diet because it is available in different quantities in all products. But it is worth limiting its use.

Enemy No. 4 – caffeine

Another dangerous ingredient is caffeine, which binds free testosterone, thereby reducing its concentration. Thus, you’d better limit this drink in a diet for male potency, but one cup of natural coffee in the morning will not cause any harm to your health.

Let’s hope that these simple recommendations given by United Pharmacy will improve your intimate life and make you hard-working and strong for the joy of women.

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