Patients Can Save Millions by Buying Drugs Through Online Pharmacies – An Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages


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Purchasing Medications through Online Pharmacies Can Help Patients Save Millions of Dollars

Many Americans are faced with the challenge of affording the high cost of prescription medications, particularly those with low incomes or lacking insurance coverage. However, the presence of online pharmacies provides an alternative that can help alleviate this financial burden. Patients who choose to buy their drugs through reputable online pharmacies can potentially save millions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Advantages of Buying Medicine Online

  • Lower prices: Online pharmacies often offer significant discounts on prescription drugs due to their lower overhead costs. This means that patients can access the medications they need at more affordable prices.
  • Convenience: Ordering medications online allows patients to do so from the comfort of their own homes. They can browse through a wide selection of medications and have them conveniently delivered right to their doorstep.
  • Access to a wide range of medications: Online pharmacies typically have a larger inventory compared to traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies. This means that patients can easily find the specific medication they require without the need for extensive searching.

Disadvantages of Buying Medicine Online

  • Risk of counterfeit or substandard medications: It’s important for patients to be cautious when purchasing medications online. Some online pharmacies may sell counterfeit or substandard medications that could potentially be harmful to their health. Patients should only purchase drugs from reputable and licensed online pharmacies.
  • Lack of personal interaction with healthcare professionals: Unlike traditional pharmacies, buying medication online does not offer the opportunity for face-to-face consultations with healthcare professionals. Patients may miss out on valuable advice or recommendations from healthcare providers.
  • Delayed delivery times: Depending on the location and shipping methods, there may be delays in receiving the medication when purchasing online. Patients should ensure that they plan and order their medications in advance to avoid running out of essential drugs.

Despite the potential disadvantages, the benefits of purchasing medications through online pharmacies are substantial. Patients have the opportunity to save money, benefit from the convenience of online shopping, and have access to a wide variety of medications. However, it is crucial for patients to be cautious and verify the legitimacy and licensure of online pharmacies before making any purchases.

Advantages of Buying Medicine Online

Lower Prices:

One of the key advantages of buying medicine online is the significantly lower prices offered by online pharmacies. These pharmacies often have lower overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies, allowing them to offer medications at discounted prices. Patients can benefit from these lower prices and save a considerable amount of money on their prescription medications.


Ordering medicine online offers convenience to patients. They can easily browse and order their medications from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to physically visit a pharmacy. Online pharmacies typically have user-friendly websites that provide detailed information about the medications, allowing patients to make informed decisions. After placing an order, the medication is delivered directly to the patient’s doorstep, eliminating the need for them to pick it up in person.

Access to a Wide Range of Medications:

Online pharmacies often have a larger inventory of medications compared to traditional pharmacies. They can offer a wide range of prescription drugs, making it easier for patients to find the medication they need. Whether it’s a common medication or a hard-to-find one, patients can usually find what they’re looking for by exploring the online pharmacy’s catalog. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for patients who require medications that may not be readily available in their local area.


Doses: 25mg

Active Ingredient: Meclizine

Price: $0.58

Disadvantages of buying medicine online

Online pharmacies offer convenience and cost savings, but there are also some potential disadvantages that patients should be aware of when buying medicine online. These include:

  1. Risk of counterfeit or substandard medications
  2. One of the main concerns when purchasing medication online is the risk of receiving counterfeit or substandard medications. Some online pharmacies may operate unlawfully and sell medications that are not genuine or do not meet the required quality standards. This can be especially dangerous when it comes to medications that require strict quality control, such as antibiotics or medications for serious health conditions.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 50% of medicines sold online are counterfeit. These medications can contain incorrect ingredients, incorrect dosages, or even toxic substances that can harm patients. In some cases, they may have no active ingredients at all.

    To avoid the risk of receiving counterfeit or substandard medications, it is crucial to purchase medications from reputable online pharmacies that require a prescription and have proper verification processes in place.

  3. Lack of personal interaction with healthcare professionals
  4. When purchasing medication online, there is a lack of personal interaction with healthcare professionals. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies, online pharmacies do not provide the opportunity for face-to-face consultations with healthcare professionals.

    Meeting with a healthcare professional in person allows for important discussions about medication interactions, potential side effects, and proper usage. They can also adjust dosages or recommend alternative medications based on an individual’s specific health condition or needs. Not having this personal interaction can potentially lead to misunderstandings or incorrect usage of the purchased medications.

  5. Delayed delivery times
  6. Another potential disadvantage of buying medicine online is the possibility of delayed delivery times. Depending on the location and shipping methods, there may be delays in receiving the medication.

    While most online pharmacies strive to deliver medications promptly, factors such as customs inspections, weather conditions, or logistical issues can cause delays. This may be problematic for patients who rely on their medications regularly or need them urgently.

    It is important to note that some online pharmacies may offer expedited shipping options for an additional cost, which can help minimize the risk of delays.

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Despite these potential disadvantages, many patients find the convenience and cost savings of buying medicine online to be beneficial. By being cautious, doing thorough research, and purchasing from reputable online pharmacies, patients can reduce the risks associated with buying medication online.

The manufacturers of the generic drug Antivert (meclizine)

Antivert, also known as meclizine, is a medication commonly used to treat vertigo and motion sickness. It belongs to a class of drugs called antihistamines, which work by blocking the effects of histamine in the body. Meclizine is available both as a brand-name and a generic drug.
The generic version of Antivert (meclizine) is manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies, including:
1. Sandoz: Sandoz is a global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and a subsidiary of Novartis, a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company. They produce a wide range of generic medications, including meclizine.
2. Perrigo: Perrigo is a leading global healthcare supplier that manufactures and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) and generic prescription pharmaceuticals. They also manufacture a generic version of meclizine under the brand name Antivert.
3. Sun Pharma: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company that specializes in the production of generic drugs. They produce a generic version of Antivert called Meclizine Hydrochloride, which is used to treat vertigo and other vestibular disorders.
Buying generic drugs like meclizine can help patients save money on their medications. Generic drugs are bioequivalent to their brand-name counterparts and must undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness. According to a 2020 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the use of generic drugs saved the U.S healthcare system $313 billion in 2019 alone.
It is important to note that while generic drugs are considered safe and effective, patients should always purchase their medications from reputable sources to avoid the risk of counterfeit or substandard products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides a list of approved online pharmacies on their website, where patients can verify the legitimacy of online pharmacies before making a purchase.
In conclusion, the generic drug Antivert (meclizine) is manufactured by several reputable pharmaceutical companies, including Sandoz, Perrigo, and Sun Pharma. Purchasing generic medications can help patients save money on their healthcare costs while ensuring the same level of safety and effectiveness as brand-name drugs. However, it is crucial to buy medications from trusted sources to avoid the risk of counterfeit or substandard products.

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5. The Importance of Choosing Reputable Online Pharmacies

When it comes to buying medications online, it is crucial to choose reputable online pharmacies to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs. Here are some important considerations:

Verification of Online Pharmacies

Before purchasing any medication online, it is essential to verify the legitimacy of the online pharmacy. Look for websites that require a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. Additionally, reputable online pharmacies will display information about their licensing and certification, making it easier for patients to feel confident about their purchases.

One way to verify the legitimacy of an online pharmacy is to check if it is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies. For example, in the United States, patients can use the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website to search for verified online pharmacies.

Quality Assurance

Reputable online pharmacies prioritize the quality of the medications they sell. Look for pharmacies that source their medications from licensed manufacturers and distributors. It is important to ensure that the generic Antivert (meclizine) being offered is manufactured by reputable pharmaceutical companies that adhere to strict quality control standards.

Patients can check for accredited pharmacy certification, such as the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) seal, which ensures that the online pharmacy meets certain standards for practice, including pharmacy licensure, a physical facility, and protection of patient information.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Another important factor to consider is the online pharmacy’s reputation, which can be determined through customer reviews and ratings. Patient testimonials provide insights into the reliability, customer service, and overall experience of purchasing medications from a particular online pharmacy.

Look for reviews on trusted platforms such as Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Positive reviews and high ratings are indicators that the online pharmacy has a good track record and can be trusted to provide quality medications.


Buying medications through reputable online pharmacies offers several advantages, including lower prices, convenience, and access to a wide range of medications. However, it is essential to choose reliable online pharmacies to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs. Verifying the legitimacy of the online pharmacy, considering the quality assurance measures in place, and checking customer reviews can help patients make informed decisions and have a positive online pharmacy experience.


Doses: 25mg

Active Ingredient: Meclizine

Price: $0.58

6. Tips for buying medicine online

While buying medicine online can offer significant savings and convenience, it is important to approach the process with caution. Here are some tips to help ensure a safe and positive experience:

1. Choose a reputable online pharmacy

Before making a purchase, research the online pharmacy to ensure it is reputable and reliable. Look for verified seals and certifications from regulatory bodies such as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) or LegitScript. These organizations evaluate online pharmacies to ensure they meet strict standards.

2. Check for licensing and accreditation

Ensure that the online pharmacy is licensed and accredited by the appropriate governing bodies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the International Pharmacy Association (IPA). This will help ensure that the medications sold are safe and of high quality.

3. Verify prescription requirements

A legitimate online pharmacy will always require a valid prescription from a healthcare professional for prescription medications. Be wary of websites that promise to sell prescription drugs without a prescription, as this is illegal and unsafe.

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4. Look for secure ordering and payment options

When making a purchase, ensure that the online pharmacy’s website uses secure encryption technology, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), to protect your personal and financial information. Additionally, choose payment methods that offer buyer protection, such as credit cards or PayPal.

5. Read customer reviews and ratings

Before making a purchase, read customer reviews and ratings of the online pharmacy to gauge the experiences of previous customers. Look for reviews on independent websites or platforms, as these are often more reliable and unbiased.

6. Be cautious of extremely low prices

If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of online pharmacies offering heavily discounted prices, as this may indicate the sale of counterfeit or substandard medications.

7. Consult a healthcare professional

When purchasing medication online, it is still important to consult a healthcare professional, especially for complex or chronic conditions. They can help guide you in choosing the right medication and dosage, as well as address any concerns or questions you may have.

By following these tips and being an informed consumer, you can safely and confidently purchase medicine online, saving both time and money in the process.

7. The effectiveness of Antivert (meclizine) in treating vertigo and motion sickness

Antivert (meclizine) is a generic drug used to treat symptoms of vertigo and motion sickness. It belongs to a class of medications called antihistamines, which work by blocking the effects of histamine in the body.

How does Antivert work?

Antivert works by suppressing the transmission of histamine, reducing the symptoms associated with vertigo and motion sickness. Histamine is a chemical in the body that is involved in various processes, including the regulation of the inner ear and balance. By blocking the effects of histamine, Antivert helps to alleviate dizziness, nausea, and vomiting caused by vertigo or motion sickness.

Effectiveness in treating vertigo

Studies have shown that Antivert is effective in reducing vertigo symptoms. A randomized controlled trial conducted on patients with vertigo found that those who took meclizine experienced a significant reduction in the severity and frequency of vertigo episodes compared to those who took a placebo. Another study also demonstrated the effectiveness of meclizine in relieving vertigo symptoms caused by Meniere’s disease, a chronic inner ear disorder.

Effectiveness in treating motion sickness

Antivert is also widely used for the prevention and treatment of motion sickness. Motion sickness occurs when there is a conflict between the visual perception and the inner ear’s sense of motion. Meclizine helps to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness, such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.
A study published in the Journal of Travel Medicine found that meclizine was effective in preventing motion sickness in a maritime environment. The participants who took meclizine had a significantly lower incidence of motion sickness compared to those who took a placebo. Another study conducted on airline pilots also showed the effectiveness of meclizine in reducing motion sickness symptoms.

Common side effects

Like any medication, Antivert may cause side effects. The most common side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision, and constipation. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and consult a healthcare professional if any side effects persist or worsen.


Antivert (meclizine) is an effective and affordable option for treating the symptoms of vertigo and motion sickness. It works by blocking the effects of histamine in the body, reducing dizziness, nausea, and vomiting associated with these conditions. While it may cause some side effects, they are generally mild and manageable. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before starting any medication, including Antivert, to ensure it is suitable for the individual’s specific condition and medical history.

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