Forbes Published 15 Most Popular Drugs in the U.S.

Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the most popular drugs in the US, based on data from the international research company IMS Health. 15 items in the list 14 are generics, i.e. substitutes for expensive branded drugs.

15 Most Popular Drugs in the U.S.

14 of the 15 most demanded American drugs are generics

The most popular prescription drug was the painkiller Vicodin, which is familiar to fans of the Dr. House series. It includes the narcotic substance hydrocodone and acetaminophen. According to IMS Health, which calculates the volume of sales of various medicines for pharmaceutical companies, Vicodin was prescribed most often.

Vicodin taken by the brilliant diagnostician Gregory House performed by Hugh Laurie has been invented 40 years ago. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends banning it because it is addictive. Fans of the series know this fact because House periodically tries to get rid of Vicodin addiction. As the magazine notes, the particular danger of this painkiller is that patients can easily begin to increase the dose when they develop drug resistance.

In the Forbes list, Vicodin does not appear under the name familiar from the series – the magazine lists the main active ingredient since its cheap generics are no less popular among the Americans. Moreover, despite the dangers of addiction, it does not become less popular since there is currently no replacement for it in terms of the effectiveness of anesthesia.

Only one of the 15 most popular drugs U.S. is the product of a large pharmaceutical brand – the Pfizer Lipitor used to lower cholesterol. However, Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz has in its assortment a cheaper generic version on this drug based on atorvastatin.

Complete list of the most popular drugs in the USA:

1. Hydrocodone, acetaminophen (pain medication)

The number of prescriptions: 128.2 million
Monthly cost: $12

This is the most popular painkiller in the United States, it is sold under various names, including Vicodin. Many doctors recommended to ban this addictive drug but the FDA is still considering its decision.

2. Simvastatin (lowering cholesterol)

The number of prescriptions: 83 million
Monthly cost: $28

The brand name is Zocor, a drug that helped Merck conquer the pharmaceutical market in the 1990s.

3. Lisinopril (high blood pressure)

The number of prescriptions: 81.3 million
Monthly cost: $ 13

Lisinopril is another Merck drug. It was sold under the name Zestril before the patent expired.

4. Levothyroxine sodium (thyroid conditions)

The number of prescriptions: 66 million
Monthly cost: $15

Levothyroxine sodium is a substitute for thyroid hormones.

5. Acithromycin (antibiotic)

The number of prescriptions: 53.8 million
Common treatment cost: $44

Acithromycin is actively advertised under the brand name Citromax.

6. Metformin (diabetes)

The number of prescriptions: 52 million
Monthly cost: $13

Bristol-Myers Squibb sold this diabetes medicine under the name Glucophage. It is still considered one of the best drugs for lowering sugar levels.

7. Lipitor (lowering cholesterol)

Number of prescriptions: 51.5 million
Monthly cost: $136

Pfizer’s Lipitor cholesterol lowering drug is the only brand-name drug on the list of the most popular. All others have expired patents. Last year, Lipitor sales totaled $11.4 billion.

8. Amlodipine (pressure reduction)

Number of prescriptions: 50.9 million
Monthly cost: $8

Amlodipine is also known as Norwegian (Pfizer).

9. Amoxicillin (antibiotic)

Number of prescriptions: 49.2 million
Monthly cost: $12 or more

Amoxicillin is popular with pediatricians. Millions of children receive it for ear infections, despite the fact that most ear infections are caused but by viruses and not by bacteria.

10. Hydrochlorothiazide (pressure reduction)

Number of prescriptions: 47.1 million
Monthly cost: $30

Hydrochlorothiazide belongs to a class of drugs called thiazide diuretics. It has been used clinically for more than half a century.

11. Omeprazole (heartburn)

Number of prescriptions: 45.4 million
Monthly cost: $34

Omeprazole is sold under the name Prilosec. This purple pill was used for heartburn used to the best-selling medicine in the world.

12. Alprazolam (sedative)

Number of prescriptions: 44.4
Monthly cost: $70

Originally produced by Pfizer under the name Xanax, Valium is ahead of popularity.

13. Furosemide (pressure reduction)

Number of prescriptions: 42.8 million
Monthly cost: $14

It was sold under the name Lasix.

14. Metroprolol tartrate (angina pectoris, high blood pressure)

Number of prescriptions: 40.5 million
Monthly cost: $13

The drug is known as Toprol – AstraZeneca brand.

15. Atenolol (angina pectoris, high blood pressure)

Number of prescriptions: 38.6 million
Monthly cost: $18

Atenolol is a beta blocker used for chest pain and high blood pressure.

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